Martha Coleman is an Idol, YouTuber, and the Founder and Creative Director of Kira Kira Entertainment.

Growing up, Martha was curious about the performing arts and over the course of 16 years, she participated in theatre, choral music, dance, and more. It was through her experiments in the arts that she discovered her love for singing, and during her teenage years that she found out about idols. For the longest time she wanted to be a shining beacon onstage, singing and dancing to lift the spirits of all who watched. Idols were the pure embodiment of that desire, so she decided to pursue that dream.

Around the same time, a late night on YouTube brought Maid Cafes to her attention, and with her theatrical education, she decided to start one of her own. Thus, Kira Kira Entertainment was born. Bringing together those with the same desire to perform and serve, Martha was able to cultivate a troupe of idols who produce up to 10 shows a year, going on for 7 years and counting.

When not directing new shows for Kira Kira Entertainment, Martha travels on her own to perform, singing hit songs from the anime series and idols of yesteryear, sharing her love of vintage Japanese media with convention attendees across the country. Martha also runs her own YouTube channel, playing and reviewing visual novels, trying on Japanese Street Fashion, and delving into the world of Kpop.

Wanting to help other creatives in her field, she lent her assistance to Milky Kitty when forming the Texas Idol Festival, and continues to help on the administrative front for each event that they hold. Recently she joined forces with the California-based media outlet, A-to-J Connections, and creates videos discussing vintage idols to put up on their website.

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